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Your LAST CHANCE to sign up for our Fall 2017 Adult Learn to Curl program was Thursday, October 5th!  
Based on demand for a league in which instruction is offered within a game-setting, we are continuing our popular Learn to Curlprogram. We run the program Sunday afternoons - 4:00-6:00pm as well from 6:00-8:00pm. 
The Adult Learn to Curl (ALTC) will emphasize learning proper technique, etiquette and improving your skills at all positions (lead through skip!). Instruction is given by certified coaches and trained club volunteers. We're encouraging brand-new curlers to join our 6-week ALTC program! 
For more information, contact the club by email or by phone, register and give curling a try!  Instruction begins in October 2017!

Frequently Asked Questions for Learn to Curl:

What is the cost to play? The cost for the 6-week ALTC program is $100.  At the end of the program, if you decide that you'd like to become a member, the $100 is applied towards your membership dues.

What equipment will I need? You can begin your curling instruction with just a clean pair of shoes (preferably ones that have not been worn outdoors), and some warm layers of clothing that allows for easy movement.

How long will we be on the ice each week? We started our ALTC journey on Sunday, October 15 (3:30-5:30pm). The remaining 5-weeks will be divided into 2 groups - a 4:00-6:00pm group and a 6:00-8:00pm group.  While there will be some off-ice discussions surrounding warm-up and cool down stretches, and a brief overview on strategy and etiquette, the vast majority of each 2-hour lesson is spent on the ice.  We like to do this as early as possible, as league games are eight ends in length which takes about 2 hours to play - so you're getting used to the full curling experience right from day 1.

Seriously guys - I've never even set foot on curling ice before (or haven't in many years). Will 6-weeks be enough instruction? This will be our 5th season offering a learn to curl program in Ayr, and each of our previous classes learned the basics of balance, delivery, sweeping, strategy and etiquette in that time ... and were playing 6-8 end games by the end of our structured program.  We're confident we can get you to that point as well! 

I would like to curl, but my knees (or hips) are bad and I don’t think I can bend down to throw the rock...We have a growing number of curlers delivering with a delivery stick rather than bending to the hack to deliver, so don’t let that stop you!  If you need to learn to play using the delivery stick, we'll instruct you in the proper use of the stick so that you can enjoy the sport as well.

How do I sign up? Do I need a team, or can I join by myself? You are welcomed to join as an individual or with a group of friends. As we progress through the instruction, we will put you into small groups and teams based on your progress and skill level.

How can I get more information? I'd like to drop by the club and see what its about & talk to someone... To help you decide if our Adult Learn to Curl is for you, we encouraged you to stop by the club during one of our Open House evenings - Oct 3, 4 or 5 from 7-9pm.  You can chat to one or more of the members of the board of directors & coaches of the program.  We want you to have the chance to have all of your questions answered to help you decide that curling is right for you!

Earle Morris and Erin Morrissey provide some instruction for new curlers
or those thinking of getting started in the sport
Special thanks to the Canadian Curling Association for the use of the video 
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